How to Find the Perfect Trade Show For Your Business

6 Oct, 2019 1

Whether it’s CES in Las Vegas, the SAP show in Florida or the Textile event in London, there’s a trade show for practically every line of business and industry.

But with so many trade shows occurring regularly across various parts of the world, trying to figure out which trade show to attend can be quite a challenge. To help make sense of it all here are 10 tips to help you find that one true perfect trade show for your business.

Establish Your Objectives

Before you even begin looking for events in your industry, it’s a good idea to clearly define your objectives and strategy. Start by understanding what it is you want to accomplish by attending a specific trade show.

Generally, goals will include:

  • Increasing leads and or sales?
  • Raising awareness about your company?
  • Strengthening relationships with customers?
  • Launching a new product or service?

Only AFTER you’ve clearly defined your objectives and strategy should you begin to search for trade show options.

Industry VS. Customer Trade Shows

There are two core types of events that you need to look into before you can make your decision on which shows you will be attending:

Consumer-focused trade shows

Organizations exhibiting at these events are usually trying to heighten public awareness of their product or service.

This type will be good for you If you are:

  • launching a new product line
  • If you trying to make a name for yourself with the public
  • If you want to maintain top-of-mind with the consumer

Establish a Budget

At first, it may seem like you’ve done everything right, by identifying your goals, event, and location, but all of that won’t help if the event isn’t within your budget. In addition to the cost to booth space and your booth design, remember to factor in shows services, travel and expenses, promotional material and of course shipping. Trade show costs can add up quickly, so make sure to do your homework on the costs involved ahead of time to avoid surprises later.

In conclusion

Industry-specific trade shows are an effective way for businesses to network with prospects and gain new sales opportunities. Exhibiting at the right trade show or marketing events is the first step to effectively increasing brand awareness across a broader segment of the market.

Use the tips mentioned above to increase your odds of choosing the best trade show events and setting the best goals for your company.

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