Want to generate more quality leads?
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42 GameChanger provides trade-show exhibitors with the most unique, fun, and captivating solution to attract visitors to their booth, break the ice, and convert them into leads, effortlessly.

Step 1. Before The Show

Define your HOT LEAD criteria

According to your guidance, we define all the variables.

Define the data you would like to collect
We work with you to define the specific data you would like to collect from game participants (Booth visitors), including conditional fields.
Create groups of HOT LEADS
Group your data according to job title, industry, company, size.
Set automated actions for each group
Define what you would like to do with each hot lead group after the event, including alerts, and auto emails.
Step 2. Onsite

Capture and Qualify Real-Time Leads

Manage Leads

Our Algorithms will immediately alert your on-site reps that a HOT-LEAD is now playing.

Get alerts when hot leads approach your booth

Receive sms alerts, or emails right on the lead capture and retrieval app when the most relevant leads are at your booth.

Engage in meaningful conversations

Speak to the leads that are most relevant for you at your booth

Easily rate the sales qualified lead

Rate the leads based on your previously defined criteria. So you are only notified when the most relevant lead steps into your booth. Add notes, scan business cards, and more qualifying data.

Tap to choose your next follow-up step

Start your follow up process On-site through our contact sales, fast call, and product data features. Record actions in your CRM.

Take control of your Prizes & Inventory

Our Algorithms allow you to manage prizes and inventory in real time.

Get a full picture of your prizes at a glance

Never worry about running out of prizes early because our solution sends you alerts when your inventory runs low.

Change the win rate on-site

Easily change and modify the win rate on-site to suit your needs throughout the trade show.

Activate/deactivate prizes with a single tap

With a single tap you will be able to activate or deactivate certain prizes. Giving you 100% control over your inventory on-site.

Step 3. Post show

Swift automated follow up process

Collect and analyze data easily

Export all leads
Export your trade show leads from anywhere, and at anytime. No need to wait until you’re back in the office. Put your list to work while you’re at the show, and see all the actions taken on-site.
Organize the data on the spot + CRM integration
42’s wide range of 3rd party integrations lets you manage your trade show contracts and create the most personalized post-event follow up experience. It only takes 3 minutes to separate and filter the data for your sales reps.
Get event analytics and measure ROI
After the show see how many hot leads you have. It’s also a great tool for you to see how effective each show is for you and if it’s worthwhile to go back.

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